Road work and removal of plants

Tue. May. 5, 2020

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 I live on a corner where both roads are getting redone. They need it! But, that means I needed to dig up all the plants in my corner butterfly garden. This is the start of their 4th year, so there was plenty of spreading.

July 4th, 2019 Teri Knight
Butterfly garden Sept. 2018 – all native plants. The asters are blooming

In fact, I was able to share some of those plants with my neighbors! In particular the monarda. It really did offer me the chance to divide them and also plant in a few other areas. One sad note is that I had to take one full tier of my vegetable garden to “store” some of the plants until the roadwork is complete, which they say will  be August, which really means October!

4:40am when I leave for work!
Butterfly garden April 2020 to move

The process of moving these out became different as Covid-19 hit. I was going to put them out at a friends farm but chose to keep them close to home with me! Quarantine removal…

Asters moving to temporary home
their temporary home

I gave plenty away to the neighbors too! Bonus! As you can see, I have some in pots as well.

Super BONUS:  Also, I’ll be getting a rain garden put in. The City offered the opportunity to qualified homeowners to install a rain garden. My location is perfect for it, however, there was a maple tree there. The good news/bad news is that the maple was not planted well and was rotting, so they removed and ground the stump down. It didn’t cost me anything. And neither will the rain garden. I signed a contract that I would care for it for the next 10 years, or make sure that, should I sell the house, the next buyers would understand their obligation. I love the I get a rain garden and I LOVE that it will help absorb the water running down the street into the storm drain on my corner!

I’ll share all of that with you as it happens!!!