Say Yes to the Sedum and a few other easy care perennials

Wed. Apr. 17, 2019

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Easy care perennials, ya sure you betcha!  Actually there are plenty of perennials more amiable than others. Of course, there are the natives.

 A new, not new, Sedum from Prairie Moon is in stock this year after being out for several. They’ve brought it back.  It’s called ‘Widows Cross’  At just 6 inches tall, it’s an early bloomer that pollinators love!

Sedum ‘Widow’s Cross’

 Sedum aka Stonecrop, is at the top of the list of forgiving plants.  And there are a lot of different varieties, nearly 500!

Sedum ‘Red Dragon’
a couple of sedum varieties and creeping jenny

I have several myself, they’re great for groundcovers all the way to the large ‘Autumn Joy’, which you, pretty much, can’t kill, you can sure give a lot away though!  Mine were loaded with Painted Lady butterflies.

Painted Ladies butterflies ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum 9-17

They’re all succulents varying  from annual and creeping herbs to shrubs.  Did I mention they handle some shade too?!  

Sedum ‘ATLANTIS’ Nonsitnal (new for 2019)

Coreopsis just doesn’t stop!  ‘Lance-leaf’ is one I recommend for pollinators and LONG bloom time.  It does need full sun. In the language of flowers, Coreopsis means “always cheerful,” and these delightful natives live up to this designation.

Lance-leaf coreopsis

Coreopsis provide a lovely sunny presence from manicured landscapes to wild prairies.  There are as many as 80 naturalized coreopsis.  Be sure to check zone hardiness!  Many are only hardy to zone 5.   

Coreopsis ‘Enchanted Eve’ zone 5 – Bluestone Perennials

Hostas are a must for shade. There are so many varieties and more keep coming, that I don’t think an accurate count is possible!

Hosta ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’ a 2019 introduction