Small space vegetables

Thu. Apr. 18, 2019

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Rejoice!  There are lots of vegetables for growing in small spaces!  Tomatoes and peppers are some of the most widely grown vegetables and there are some dandy choices for those small growing spaces.

Tomato ‘Sweet Million’ – this guy could’ve used some fertilizer.  A balanced blend would have been fine.  Always READ the directions on fertilizers!

‘Sungold’, ‘Sweet Million’, ‘Power Pops’…. are just a few of the tasty cherry tomatoes.  Be sure to plant them in containers that are a MINIMUM 8 inches deep.  Plastic pots are are fine, just be sure there are holes in the bottom for drainage.  ‘Sweetheart of the Patio’, ‘Tumbling Tom’, ‘Sweet Baby Girl’, ‘Balcony’

Keep in mind… Container plants need more water simply because their roots are “contained” and can’t reach out for more, but don’t overwater or your plant will get root rot.   Use a good soil mix – check Creekside Soils.

As for peppers… there’s an adorable little one ‘Jungle Parrot’.

Pepper ‘Jungle Parrot’

Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ and ‘YaYa’ carrots are also great container plants.  The Swiss Chard can be grown in a large container mixed with flowers and other plants too to make a lovely planting!

Swiss chard photo by Midwest Living

And another plant…  the EGGplant.  Don’t ho hum this one yet.  ‘Patio Baby’, The compact 16-20? plants are clustered with egg-shaped, 2-3? purple-black fruit. These mini fruits are best baked, roasted, or sautéed.  Never eat raw.  It thrives in any climate and there’s no staking required.

Eggplant ‘Patio Baby’

Tons of herbs grow very nicely in containers!

2 types of basil and rosemary