Seed starting mixes

Tue. Apr. 23, 2019

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About a month back, I started some seeds for kicks using a wooden dowel and newspaper.  For the starter mix, I used a product I’d not used before but it was from Burpee and said Organic seed starting mix and it had coir in it, a renewable source coming from coconut husks.

3-3-19 paper and plastic

I had posted the picture here and on Facebook.  A Master Gardener friend of mine alerted me to an issue that many MGs reported concerning the product.  Many said their seeds never germinated or, if they did, they were weak. And this concern went back 3 years!

I started the seeds and noted that not as many germinated but I had a fair amount.  I watched them and found some of them flopping over. I personally thought it was because of their location and/or their newspaper homes.

seed starting in the bathroom!   PS, that’s snow piled up at the window

I went looking for reviews of the product and found only good reviews, mostly from Burpees own page or retail outlets.  I found nothing to suggest there was an issue.

My friend sent me information that many MG’s were still reporting issues and had contacted Burpee.  While they responded once, the company never got back to them after 3 more attempts for communication.

I moved the seedlings out to my porch where I have a portable greenhouse. They look sad.  

Carrot seedlings in Burpee Organic

Can I say it’s absolutely from the organic mix, no, on the other hand, I can’t say that didn’t play a part.  My point is I’m disappointed that Burpee didn’t follow-up with the Master Gardener inquiries. A search of the best seed starting mixes did NOT yield Burpee’s Organic Mix.

Starting Seeds Indoors [University of MN Ext]

Believe it or not, Wood working tool kit has a list of the 7 best seed starting mixes.

This site reviewed several seed starting mixes.  They list their recommendations at the bottom of the story which includes some thorough information.

Last note:  In my research, there are two mixes that come up repeatedly on the “best” list.  Black Gold Seedling Mix and Gardeners Supply mix








I highly recommend Creekside Soils for in your garden and container planting.  They, unfortunately, do not make seed starting mixes.  These are a whole different thing with not much soil if any involved!