Thanksgiving… gathering around the table

Thu. Nov. 22, 2018

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As you congregate around the Thanksgiving Table, what are some of the dishes you might be able to grow in your own garden?  Maybe some herbs?  Potatoes?  Sweet potatoes? Green Beans?  Pumpkins?  And  the list goes on!

Maybe no table photo but friends gathered nonetheless!

My friend grew red potatoes! I snagged some from her and used the rosemary I grew and dried and roasted them!

a little olive oil, salt and rosemary
425 degrees for 30 mins

As for decorations, well, if you’ve grown ornamental grasses, then bring some into the house, add some red twigged dogwood, (I have some yellow-twigged) and some gnarly looking branches you found scattered in your yard, add some evergreen and tie some string and/or ribbon and you have a simple but elegant centerpiece.


Mountain Ash berries – some are more orange

We’re not Martha Stewarts, at least I’m not!, but we can still create some fun stuff right out of our own backyards.  You could spray paint those branches!

Some berries may still be clinging to your Mountain Ash or Viburnums, harvest some of those branches and place in your centerpiece. Be sure to warn the kids NOT to eat them. Some of those berries are not only icky tasting but can be poisonous. They also don’t last long indoors.

Mostly, today is a day to enjoy each other and each moment you have with one another, there won’t be another exactly like it.  

Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving

If you have an abundance, perhaps you could give to a local foodshelf. There’s much to be thankful for when we look for it.

God bless you and yours from me and mine.