The Victory Garden in a strange new land

Mon. Mar. 30, 2020

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As we deal with a global pandemic, gardening is the one thing we can still do to maintain sanity and safe distancing. As I said last week, the garden is my peace and I hope it brings you the same.


There’s been a resurgence of folks asking about Victory Gardens. 

Victory Garden poster

Early in World War II, before the US stepped in with our military, the United States government appealed to its citizens to plant gardens. In 1943 over 20 million ‘victory gardens’ were planted and the harvest accounted for nearly one third of the vegetables consumed that year!  An emphasis was put on making gardening a fun family or community effort – not drudgery.

In March of 2020, we have another reason to consider ‘victory gardens’. While there has been a resurgence of gardening as we understand the impact on our climate with the energy use it takes to process, package and transport our food, our concern is different today.

As many are staying in place, the victory garden becomes the place we can get out and connect in a way that certainly brings us food, but also solace and beauty, while we maintain physical distancing.

Late August 2019

Plant the food you would eat

Tomato ‘Midnight Snack’ 2019

the flowers that brighten a cloudy day and bring pollinators to your yard..

Sept. 2019 aster just loaded with bees and a monarch and painted lady

the trees and shrubs that remind you, we still have a beautiful planet.

Crabapple ‘Royal Raindrops’ 2019 at 5 years old

We can still get out there and enjoy the sun on our face, the light rain our soil soaks up and look forward to a harvest, a flower, a butterfly.

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