When the flowers fade – the foliage flashes

Fri. Jun. 26, 2020

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A gardener can hardly help themselves to love flowers but foliage really lends color and texture that is capable of showing off flowers then becoming the show itself. And sometimes, in the case of coleus in a container, clearly it’s kickin’ it from the get-go.

4 types of coleus in this container

Other amazing foliage plants include caladiums, perfect for part shade. They are annuals for us, but worth every penny. 

There are 20 new Heart to Heart series of caladiums from Proven Winners. Two of my favorites include the fancy leaf ‘Flatter Me’ and strap leaf ‘Splash of Wine’. Click on the link for a look at all of the new ones!

Caladium ‘Flatter Me’
Caladium ‘Splash of Wine’

Coralbells or, heuchera, which are perennials, have also exceeded expectations with some fine looking work by breeders as well. They dig part shade too. One of my favorites I just picked up and am using in a container gardener for now. It’s called ‘Midnight Rose’.

Caveat to heuchera, Divide coral bells every three to five years to keep them from dying out in the center. If the leaves get a bit ragged looking, especially after winter, cut them back and new growth should fill in quickly.

No ho-hum hosta here! With so many options, I’ve started to look for only those that slugs aren’t interested in… as much. Hostas with rippled texture, thicker leaves aren’t as tasty to them.

A little tart is the hosta ‘mini skirt’. Literally it’s only 5 inches tall. Variegated blue/green and cream leaves twist and turn.

Hosta ‘Mini Skirt’

The opposite is a 2020 introduction called ‘Diamond Lake’. Thick corrugated 11” long by 9” wide blue foliage with wavy margins dazzles like the sun on a sparkling lake. Lavender-hued flowers appear in summer.

Hosta ‘Diamond Lake’